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Nov 25, 2012


Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis team up for a story about an alcohol-washed, coked-up, over-sexed pilot.  Throw in some references to Jesus, the 12 steps, and a hooker with a heart of gold and you get a surprisingly fascinating film.  Let Thomas McKenzie of the One Minute Review give you the low down.

One Minute Review: Flight from Thomas McKenzie on Vimeo.

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  1. "and ... " what? (2:40)

    Actually, that ending is a good representation of how I felt at the end of the movie. As interminable as the last 15 minutes were, when the credits rolled, I thought, "Wait -- that's it?"

    I probably would have enjoyed (or at least appreciated) this movie a lot more had it not been given the most misrepresentative trailer ever. Remember a few years ago when re-cutting trailers to change the genre of the movie was all the rage? (A friend of mine turned "The Princess Bride" into a horror movie.) Those re-cuts were truer to the source material than the trailer for "Flight".