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Father Thomas McKenzie has retired from the One Minute Review, but you can still watch all his reviews right here. No spoilers, and no babbling on and on. Just a quick, entertaining, and honest assessment from a guy who loves movies and knows what to look for. About to download a movie? Let the One Minute Review save you some time and money.

Apr 27, 2015

Ex Machina

Is Thomas sentient, or does the One Minute Review only make him appear sentient? Only one way to find out! Watch the One Minute Review of the new sci-fi thriller Ex Machina.

One Minute Review: Ex Machina from Thomas McKenzie on Vimeo.

Apr 15, 2015

Apr 14, 2015

Woman in Gold

Helen Mirren I love, Ryan Reynolds I don't. Movies with Nazis and gold are awesome (Raiders of the Lost Ark), movies with Nazis and art are not (Monuments Men). Which way will this one go?

One Minute Review: Woman in Gold from Thomas McKenzie on Vimeo.

Apr 12, 2015


This is the One Minute Review of Neill Blomkamp's Chappie. Rhymes with ... well, you'll see.